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All our teachers have graduate degrees in math or economics with at least 5 years of teaching experience.

About Honor Scholars

Honor Scholars are founded by Dr. Mark Li (Ph.D. in Economics) and Dr. Frank Huang (Ph.D. in Applied Math and Statistics). They are New York educators working with students from top-performing districts nationwide, helping them to achieve high scores on their state exams and standardized tests. Dr. Li and Dr. Huang take great pride in their teaching because many of their students have been accepted in Ivy League and highly ranked universities and colleges.

 When Covid hit, Dr. Li and Dr. Huang decided that it was time to take their teaching completely online, so that more students can benefit from their teaching at the convenience of their home. With this purpose, Honor Scholars was established with the mission to offer advanced teaching and tutoring in math and economics, helping students achieve their academic goals. Whether students aim to improve their scores on standardized tests, or to get ahead in their academics, Dr. Li and Dr. Huang are here to help students tackle their academic challenges.

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